Sunday promo deposit !!! 20%!!!
Sunday promo deposit !!! 20%!!!

Today i will finish my vacantion and i will be back to work in around 15 hours , i will start to process all cashouts request

Have a great day all members !

Deposit now funds in your account and you will get 20% bonus in your account and you can cashout them! Promo is only today 23:59 server time gmt+2
Minimum deposit is 100$ All plans is include :) Great day to all
Feb-12-2017 06:40:30 AM
Bonus PACK is BACK! Only for 24 hours!!!!!!

Today a great PROMO !
You will get 100% Bonus on your deposit ! Minimum investment is 150$
How is work ???
Exemple !

Member XXXXXXXX invest 150$ from pefect money in basic plan with standard procedure ...
We will add another 150$ in our special plan ( Bonus PACK!) where it will get a return of 1% daily for 100 DAYS !
(Hourly plan is not included )
Bonus is available only when invest from 1 e-curency account
Offer is only today Feb 10 , 23.59 Server Time GMT +2
Feb-10-2017 12:01:13 AM